Board of Patrons

Patri­arch Kirill

Patri­arch of Moscow and Russia

Pope Tawadros II

Pope of Alexan­dria and Patri­arch of the Cop­tic Ortho­dox Church

Sheikh Muham­mad Hussein

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Patri­arch Theophi­los III

Patri­arch of the Ortho­dox Church of Jerusalem

Patri­arch Noorhan Manoogian

Patri­arch of the Armen­ian Ortho­dox Church of Jerusalem

Patri­arch Michel Sabbah

Patri­arch Emer­i­tus of Jerusalem

Patri­arch Ilia II

Patri­arch of All Georgia

Bish­op Munib Younan

For­mer Pres­i­dent Luther­an World Federation

Car­di­nal Edwin O’Brien

Grand Mas­ter of the Eques­tri­an Order of the Holy Sepul­chre of Jerusalem

Prince Has­san Bin Talal

Hashemite King­dom of Jordan

Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan

Unit­ed Arab Emirates