About Us

Since its inception in 2012, the Bethlehem Development Initiative launched by the late Mr. Said T. Khoury has achieved outstanding success, marked by a number of milestones in various fields. The Bethlehem Development Foundation (BDF) was officially registered and blessed by the Palestinian Government in May, 2012. By 2013 successful funding was secured for key developmental projects marking BDF’s initial accomplishments.

Since its establishment BDF has been keen on achieving the goal set forth by the Development Initiative launched by the late Mr. Said Khoury. BDF has sealed its fourth year of operation, moving closer to realizing its core vision to regenerate and revitalize the Bethlehem and surrounding area to transform it into a vibrant international tourist destination by completing key major projects. Efforts begin with the rehabilitation and beautification of Manger Square in Bethlehem and continue with the management of Solid Waste in the Bethlehem governorate. The quality of public life is enhanced through the introduction of several community sports and children’s playgrounds throughout the municipalities of Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, Al-Doha and Al-Khader/ Artas area.

Our foundation has strong relationships with international organizations, which we hope will aid us throughout our journey. Examples include cooperation with the European Parliament, UNESCO, USAID, DFID, AFD, UPFI, the Quartet, World Bank, the Arab Monitory Fund and the Welfare Association. We welcome your support and feedback geared towards enhancing the implementation of the initiative vision. The Bethlehem Development Foundation was established by the late Said T. Khoury, as the implementation arm of the Bethlehem Development Initiative that aims to transform Bethlehem into a vibrant international spiritual destination with a sustainable economy and infrastructure to make it more accommodating to the needs of its current residents, pilgrims and tourists.