Mr. Abu – Dayyeh is the President of NET Tours with offices in Jerusalem, Amman, Istanbul, Athens and Rome. Mr. Abu Dayyeh initiated the establishment and has served as President, board member and Director of the Higher Council of the Arab Tourist Industry (HCATI ), the Union of Arab Tourist Transport, the Palestinian Development Fund (PDF), Bethlehem 2000. He was a member of the Middle East group for Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation Hospital (BASR), Chairman of the Directors of Bethlehem Development Foundation (BDF) and the Bethlehem University Tourism Institute (BUTI). He has represented Palestine internationally and negotiated on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, including the Paris Agreement on Tourism and Transport. Mr. Abu Dayyeh holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, a BSC in Chemistry from Belmont University, Tennessee and a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Economics from School of Advanced Studies – SAIS, the Johns Hopkins University.

Hani Abu - Dayyeh


With an educational background in economics and business management, Mrs. Khoury had a rich and diverse professional life and held responsible positions. She also served as the Ambassador of Palestine in France from 2006-2010 and Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in 2005-2006.
Hind Khoury

Vice Chairman

Dr. Kattan is the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Bethlehem University and Founder/ Director of the Master of International Cooperation and Development program (MICAD).
Fadi Kattan


Ph.D. from Moutha University, Jordan, College of Social Sciences, full-time lecturer at college of human sciences, Istiqlal University (Palestinian academy for security sciences).
Kifah Manasra


Dr. Jallad is a financial consultant at Consolidated Contractors Group CCC, Athens. He is holding a Ph.D. in Economics and Banking from University of Notre Dame USA, and a B.A. in Economics from the American University of Cairo.
Saleh Jallad

Head of Governance Committee

Nafez Husseini is the VP of ICT & Digital Business of the Greece based Consolidated Contractors Company. Holds a Bachelor’s degree from the American University of Beirut and a Masters from California State University – Sacramento specializing in Management & Information Technology. Active in promoting Knowledge-Based economies. Board member of The Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII), Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), Partners for Sustainable Development, Education for Employment, Arab Ameri Care Foundation.
Nafez Husseini


Ph.D. from the Jordanian University, Jordan, College of Educational Sciences, full-time lecturer at college of educational sciences, Jerusalem Open University (Palestinian Public University). Dr. Abdel Rahman is the Director of Orphan Care Association in Bethlehem, and the representative of the Palestinian Academic Council.
Nael Abdel Rahman


M.A., Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies; the University of Michigan, 1995. Vice President for Development & Outreach, DIYAR Bethlehem, Palestine.
Rana Khoury