In line with our vision, our ongoing and completed projects are in the process of realising the Bethlehem Development Foundation's key strategic objectives for the development of the Bethlehem Governorate through the projects listed below: 


Development of Basic Infrastructure for:

Energy: enhance the efficiency of energy usage and utilization of low carbon energy.

Waste: reduce waste land filling and increase the recovery of waste materials, whilst improving the collection and transport of solid waste.

  • Enhance Economic Development and Employment: creating job opportunities, diversifying economic base, increasing private sector role in local economy and increasing contribution of the tourism sector to GDP.
  • Improve Tourist Experiences: preserving and improving cultural and heritage sites.
  • Public Realm: creation of sports and children’s playgrounds, a district park near Solomon Pools and developing appropriate signage in historic sites and along heritage trails.


Our future projects will focus on developing the following sectors: 

Water: increase water consumption efficiency and develop wastewater networks to secure water resourcing.

Access of movement: enhance connectivity between various vital areas and sites through a more efficient network that supports pedestrian routes as well as sustainable transport.

Enhance Quality of Living: provision of improved education, security, safety and air quality in order to actively support social inclusion.

Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
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